Back to School Blues


As soon as summer break starts approaching, I start to get a little nervous. Maintaining a house, 3 meals a day, working my business, AND entertaining 4 kids ages 6 and under all day every day; its a daunting thought. It would be easy to turn the TV on all day every day, but that’s really not what I wanted my kids to remember about their summer break.

This summer I had a plan. We had things we were going to do on a regular basis; some light educational things, free play, swimming, and some main places I wanted to take them too. We did a lot this summer, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to stay home which allows us to get up and go at any point. We went to Idlewild, Crayola Factory, Dutch Wonderland, welcomed twin cousins into the world, went to a Washington Wild Things game, and celebrated birthdays. Lots of fun activities!

As summer comes to a close, there is a small part of me that is worried for what next Monday will bring. Back to the grind of having to have kids at school by 7:30 a.m.

This year my little girl starts kindergarten, at a new school with new people. While I know she is going to be in a great place where she is genuinely cared for, I’m a little nervous about her spirited personality. She’s the only girl, with 3 brothers.  Certainly that gives you a clue as to what she is like.

When my oldest went to kindergarten, I was worried about people being mean to him and treating him differently because of his autism diagnoses.  I dangerously assumed I wouldn’t be nervous when it was Olivia going because she didn’t have some of the same difficulties that James had. The closer it gets the more nervous I am. 

She’s outgoing. She’s smart. She is pretty. She can hold her own. She is independent. But she is also 5. What if her lunch tray is to heavy and she drops it? What if someone makes fun of her for what she is wearing? What if the lesson is hard and she doesn’t understand it? What if she gets hurt and I can’t get to her in time? What if she gets worried because she doesn’t know where James is?

The fact is no matter which child it is who is going to Kindergarten, you have worries. These babies are 5 (maybe 6 based on their birthday) but they are still little. It is OK to be worried! It is OK to be nervous. It is OK to cry once you drop them off, or put them on the bus. Maybe I will sit at the playground down the street and wait there till dismissal (since its 11a.m. that morning) and then follow the bus home-you know just make sure it gets to my house alright. Keep calm mommas! We can do this!



  1. Great article .
    Its been 30 years since i sent my baby girl off to school..but i remember the feeling like it was yesterday.
    Now my grandson starts kindergarten..

    The days are long but the years go by so fast

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