Bloom Into Motherhood: Raising Self Care with Self Awareness


With our Bloom event drawing near I wanted to make something special to share with the new and expecting moms. Being a mother is a blessing. There is something magical and humbling at the new and expecting stage. Whether it’s your 1st or 4th child, every pregnancy is special. They all are different in many ways but provide life changing moments that help you bloom into the mother you are.  

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New moms are often given advice on taking care of their new baby but what about themselves?  We’re hard wired to find out the best way to take care of our little ones. Researching hours upon hours trying to retain all the information we can. There was not a lot information on taking care of yourself while adjusting to being a new mom when I was pregnant. We’re supposed to go back to normal immediately after such a big change, which is really hard and even harder when you are suffering from postpartum depression. Being a mother is a beautiful thing but it can leave us with an influx of emotions that are hard to cope with if we aren’t aware of what we’re experiencing. It’s a difficult time to go through when you have to take of everyone else. That’s inspires me to write and let other moms know they are not alone. I highly encourage all moms especially new and expecting to taking care of themselves.  I made the mistake of not taking care of myself.  It caused burnouts, depression, heightening my anxiety making it hard to function. I knew there had to be a change and I realized I had to HAD to take better care of myself to be the best for my daughter.  

Love the New You

You’ve been prepping for your new baby but what about the new you? It is easy to pressure yourself into going back to the size you were or do the things you used too. Constant comparison to who you were doesn’t help because it’s in the past. If things have changed, inside and out, that’s okay. Love yourself for who you are and where you are now. Self love is so important. Having self love and self worth raises self esteem and mood, making things better for you and baby. This is very important to keep in mind if you are experiencing baby blues or postpartum depression. Don’t be hard on yourself, you need love just as much as the baby.  

Being Aware of Self During and After a Big Change

It’s easy to run on auto pilot when adjusting to a change, especially one that changes your sleep schedule and hormones. As your adjusting keep in mind how you feel. How do you genuinely feel on the inside? Pay very close attention to your emotions during this time.  Baby blues generally go away but if you have a lasting sadness that doesn’t go away please reach out to loved ones or your doctor. Postpartum depression is very common, so don’t feel alone or ashamed if you want to get help for it. This makes being vigilant of your emotions important so you can recognize if you need support. Here are a few links on postpartum depression and some local support groups.

About Postpartum Progress

4 Tips For Supporting A Mom With Postpartum Depression



Nurture with Self Care

I encourage you to make yourself a priority even with your new baby at home. It may seem impossible with a newborn but you deserve it. Here are a few tips on practicing self care at home

  1. Ask for help-It may be hard to admit but we all need help. Whether it’s your spouse or family member, let them know what you need. It may be some time alone or help with chores, don’t be afraid to ask. They don’t know you need help if you don’t let them know. This also removes some pressure off of you.
  2. Practice REAL Self Care- Getting that manicure does count as alone time, but don’t forget about the inside. Check-in routinely with yourself to make sure things are working for you. Keep a journal to keep a track of feelings and memories. Meditating and yoga are both great things that are beneficial for you during this time. Even if it’s 10 minutes alone a day, it’s important to be centered with yourself. Keep boundaries with others and know your limit. While it is tempting to do everything, it’s okay to say no. 
  3. Join a New Mommy Club/Support Group- Being a mom can get a little lonely sometimes with the lack of adult interaction. Change it up by joining a club or moms group to socialize as well as grow your support system. Mommy and me classes can be just as fun. Online groups are nice too if it’s hard to get out.

This is such a special time in your life. Whether you are a new mom or expecting to be one soon don’t forget about taking care of you. I pray this has helped you realized that you are important too. Enjoy each moment as you bloom into motherhood, as they will pass right before your eyes.