A Busy Life and Healthy Choices: Finding Balance Between the Two


We’re two weeks into the new year and I’m not sure about you but it’s going fast.  I think becoming a mom makes everything go fast.  You often wonder where the time goes particularly after busy times, like birthdays and holidays.  A lot of people make resolutions for the beginning of the year.  Did you know only 8% of those people will achieve those goals? We make great goals, but forget to consider that they come with change.  As a mom it’s hard to commit to changes because we don’t know how it will affect our schedule we’ve somewhat created for our lives.  It’s also easy to get use to being “too busy” to think about making that healthy or positive change.  I am guilty of that myself.  Keep reading for ways to add healthy in your choices in your life.

Be Realistic and Specific 

Goals like, lose more weight or workout more tend to not pan out well because they are very vague. A better way to create your goal is to be specific.  How much weight do you want to use? What kind of fitness goal is your definition of success? When goals are vague it is harder to create realistic ways to make it happen.  How much time do you have to dedicate to working out? Where are you going to do it?  If you’re not real with your time the goal will go back to a dream before you know it.  I tried working out for 45 minutes when my daughter was 5 months old.  After entertaining her for the first few minutes, it quickly turned to tears, then turned to me stopping.  Needless to say I gave up and went back to wishing I could workout.  I’ve since learned as a busy mom fast, efficient workout programs work best for me.  You can read more about some here. I’ve also learned being realistic and specific is the only way to make new positive changes balance with my present life.  My goals this year are to become stronger and complete my first fitness event The Tough Mudder. My plan to achieve this goal is to train and eat clean by meal prepping.

Start Small 

Change can be difficult adjusting to, especially when you have little kiddos.  If you’re determined to make a healthy choice stay, start small and work your way up.  Your goal may be to eat healthier but don’t throw away all the foods your family (and you) loves!  It will only cause frustration and can set you backward in your goal rather than forward.  Start with a salad or a smoothie a day.  You can let the kids try and if they don’t like it that’s okay, maybe they’ll like the next thing.  Even if they don’t like it then, just watching you doing it will inspire their little minds.  That can go with exercising as well.  Our children are always watching, which is great for when it comes to making healthy changes.  If you know you time doesn’t allow you to be at the gym 4-5 days a week consider at home workouts that don’t take a lot of time.  Take the kids walking with you.  You don’t always have to max out when you want to make something happen, start small it will come.   

I pray this gives you some insight on incorporating healthy goals in your life.  It can be hard but following these two guidelines can make it a little easier and turn your healthy choice into a healthy habit.   Do you have any fitness or health goals for 2017? Please comment below what they are and how you plan on making it happen.  Don’t forget to share so we can help others crush their goals as well!