The Daily Grind: Carving Out Time


The daily grind is real. Truly real. Add all the expectations of the world around us, and life can become a hectic mess! Trying to live up to this standard and that standard (not to mention, the standard that we [knowingly or unknowingly] place on ourselves) only complicates that matter!

As busy moms in this generation, it seems like one more thing COULD NOT POSSIBLY fit into our 24 hour day. And sometimes that is entirely the case. So, I would venture to say that there’s a magnificent balance between drive and grace. Driving ourselves to be better – lifestyle, fitness, wellness, etc. – and living an actively forgiving lifestyle in our personal realm. So, start small and work your way to what works and resonates with YOUR family unit.


Strategies for making time are crucial. These are going to look quite different depending on where you are in your journey of motherhood, whether you work outside of the home (part time/full time), how you spend your time in service of others, etc. There’s no right answer and no one way is, necessarily, better than another. This is where comparison and competition need to be tossed away. Far away. As women, as moms, we are to be embracing one another on this journey and helping each other along the way. It is our duty to pick one another up and encourage each other to be better.

I’d to share some strategies that work well for me. Try them out. See if they work for you!

  • Don’t let your life wake you up. This one is hard. Especially if you have a little one that is not resting well. Trust me. I get it. Trial and error will allow you to explore whether this one works for you. However, I find that if I start my day before my little one wakes up and needs me, I feel better. This may tell you something about me! I definitely do better with somewhat of a plan – flying by the seat of my pants is not always a strong suit for me.
  • Be active most days. Nike’s been onto something for a while now: JUST DO IT. Long days and wakeful nights will complicate this. But, even if it is just 10 minutes of pumping some weights here and a 10 minute walk/run there, it is activity! And that counts. Yes, frequency, intensity and time play a huge role in health and wellness results. But, there are going to be days that only allow for 10 minutes here and there. Roll with it!
  • REST. Amen!!! Rest is not something I allow myself to do enough. However, when I do – event if it’s just 10 minutes of quiet time – I am so much more inclined to have a smile from ear to ear!
  • Lifestyle Evaluation. How are you spending your time? Do you feel like a crazy person spiraling out of control? Try sitting down each day and reflecting on 4 things for which you are deeply grateful. Perhaps writing these things down in a journal? Cultivating a thankful heart goes a LONG way.
  • Sunshine. Get it. Vitamin D is beneficial beyond words! Added benefit: you are outside taking in fresh air.
  • Love on those closest to you. We are busy. Who isn’t? Sometimes those closest to us are the ones that are easiest to set aside in the moment. Take time each day to look at those that you love, smile over them and the gift they are to you, and decide in your heart that they will know at the close of each day that you love them. 

I would LOVE to hear from you on what works for YOU. We can learn so much from one another!



  1. Found 15-20 min (longer if possible) of yoga w/some zen music VERY beneficial! Have the kids join you…they love it and all are happy for at least a few moments.

  2. I”m learning to love my mini calendar. Writing things down has helped with goals and keeping things in order.

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