Finding Strength in Motherhood, What That Means For You!


Becoming a mother is a huge milestone in every woman’s life. We go from a single woman only worried about our small world to being the matriarch of our new families. There is a person (or people) that now depend on you for everything. That was a little jarring at first for me. I was 20 with a new baby and I didn’t know what to do. It made me feel weak for a long time until I realized how strong I was. I felt weak because I was so unsure and still insecure with myself. That lasted for a while until I rose out of my postpartum depression fog.

It was like a load of weight lifted off of my shoulders. Ironically, I love that feeling now when I lift weights but I mean figuratively in this moment. I was super hard on myself during that time, for not knowing it all. It took a few breakthroughs, but each made me realize that I am a strong and becoming a mom made me that way. I looked at the positive direction my life was going. If she had not came, I’m not sure if I would have conquered half of the things I did. I had to become the support for her I wish I had. That made me go harder to be the best for my daughter. Now half way through my year of “firsts” this still remains true.

I often wonder did I make the right choices in life. Namely, not going straight into college after graduating high school. I always felt like if I had, I’d be more prepared to provide my daughter with more. Then I realize that if I had let my life take that path, I may not have the little girl who changed my life for the best. She doesn’t know I don’t have a 4 year degree but she loves me unconditionally either way. I asked my coworker how she felt about starting her family early like I did and she responded just as I feel. We may have missed out on somethings but our babies made us better women. It made me feel elated to hear someone else felt that way. 

 They don’t know our “failures” or choices in life, they love US. So to my fellow mom friends, I urge you to stop and be proud of how far you’ve came since you became a mother. I’m firm in believing that we’re all new moms as each day brings new experiences. We may be women but we are far from weak. That means you can do whatever you put your mind too. I highly suggest you take that challenge because those little people that love you are watching and they want you to succeed just as you want them too. Embrace this super power and own it! You deserve it, as do your babies. Remember they’re always watching.