Getting In Shape After Baby: 3 Things You Can Do Now


Being pregnant is a pivotal experience in a mother’s life.  That amazing time can leave us out of shape with weight that we didn’t have before.  With the baby in tow and no time to work out, the goal of getting in shape may seem impossible.  Fortunately ladies, it’s not!  I will be honest and say it is harder but definitely worth it in the end.  How do you get in shape after baby? In my experience it was taking small steps, appreciating my body at every stage, and making consistent healthy choices.  It was definitely easier to write those words than actually do it.


Getting in shape after baby takes time.  The media portrays you can get instant results when losing weight.  In reality, getting in shape happens over time and is an on going journey.  Most people who made the commitment to their first goal of getting in shape has changed to staying in shape.  Media also makes it a little hard to love our curves prompting us to only want to continue to be smaller.

I’ve had many trial and error with diets, exercise programs, and just winging it.  I know how frustrating it can be when nothing fits and you’re ready for a change.  In all my experiences 3 things have helped me on my fitness journey. Below they are listed with a little background on why they are so important.

Appreciating Your Body – I feel a lot of us tend to let go of ourselves after we have children.  Not intentionally, of course, but it happens and we end up not knowing how we got there.  In order for this step to work you have to appreciate your size now in order to get anywhere else happily. If you can’t find joy in making better choices for you, you’ll end up disliking it and stopping altogether.  Change your mindset  on getting in shape and watch how positively things improve. You can do this NOW!


Take Baby Steps – It’s easy to think we can do it all but when it comes to doing it our bodies can say otherwise.  If you make to many changes at once, the longevity of those new behaviors will be brief.  Try one new thing at a time.  If drinking more water is your goal focus on that and add more as you see they become habits for you.  If working out more is a goal, pick a time and exercise that works for you.  Be sure to take it easy in the beginning because there will always be room to advance later. Start TODAY  with 1 small fitness goal that is good for you.








Stay Consistent – This is the hardest hurdle of them all.  It’s easy to start something, however keeping up with it is so hard. In order to help with being consistent, I try to do something new for 21 days straight.  Studies have shown after 21 days  your choices turn into habits.  The days go by fast too, so before you know it you’re in better shape by making 1 choice and following through.  I use my calendar to keep track and for motivation.  You can do this TODAY as well.  Whether it’s eating healthier or working out more, write it down and stay consistent with your goal.

Getting in shape after baby can be hard.  These 3 tips will help jump start your fitness journey and help make it easier.  There will be days you want to give up or need a break and that’s normal.  Always pick back up where you left off and you’ll be in shape before you know it.  Get your family in on the plan for extra support.  Do you have any tips for getting in shape after baby? Please comment below and share for a fellow mommy in need.

Thanks for reading 🙂