Great Expectations of 2016


We all remember the book and Pip from high school. Or the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. But no, I am talking about the Expectations on women.

Whether self made or from society there is a lot of pressure on women in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong the role of woman has been hard since the beginning. Starting with Eve, then Mary, woman have had the job of mother and nurturer. We give birth and provide nourishment. I have always said that when you have a baby it is the woman’s more then the man’s. 


Aside from being a mother we are also expected to be the head of household. Meaning taking care of the “house” in every way. Cooking, cleaning, bills, children, keeping the husband happy, and of course in some cases work outside the home. All while taking care of yourself, eating right and getting enough sleep. No problem! NOT! 

Personally, I don’t think you can have it all at 100%. If you are great at one thing the others will be at 50% and that is ok. It makes it worse when you think you can do it all. If you set goals for the day and only get half done then that is better then none. This is a hard thing for me sometimes. I want to be superwoman and do everything. Kind of like Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Hillary Clinton, and June Clever all in one. I can’t help it that is the way I am. Constantly moving and thinking I am not good enough. I am working on it. 


So my expectations are high but it seems that society is also the same way. Every magazine cover, TV ad and billboard is about beauty, multitasking, and getting it all done. Maybe we should stop for a minute and take a break. Give yourself a pat on the back and say job well done. Your house could be a mess, but your child and husband are happy and fed. That’s all that matters!

Have a relaxing day!!

– Carol

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Carol is a Yinzer from birth and wears many hats. She is a Classroom Assistant for Pittsburgh Public School’s Early Intervention Program, the owner/chief blogger at Steel City Mom, wife (10 years and going strong), mother (4-year-old and expecting in November 2016) and a woman who likes to help others. Carol attended Pittsburgh Technical Institute and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she earned 2 Associate Degrees. She loves art and computers. Carol enjoys cooking, blogging, crafts, helping others, children, church, football, t-ball, creating, and run on sentences. She is never grammatically correct or politically correct but she will give the shirt off of her back. Well if its warm enough outside.


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