Happy Birthday to Us! :: PMB Turns TWO Today!


It’s been 2 years since the official launch of Pittsburgh Moms Blog.


It’s very hard to believe how fast the time flies (when you’re having fun), and it’s mind-blowing to see how much we have grown together and individually. Parenthood is all about creating something beautiful and watching it thrive and prosper, and that is what we do here. We consider PMB to be our baby, too. We are not just Mommy Bloggers. We are authors, journalists, photographers, artists, muses, producers, directors, creators, teachers, speakers, advocates, designers, dreamers and doers. We Are PMB. We Are Moms. 

Meet Our Team

The Pittsburgh Moms Blog Team : Summer 2016

What started as a group of 15 Moms, united to represent our Steel City among the Sister Cities that make up the City Moms Blog Network, has almost quadrupled in size in only 24 months. We are now a team of 50+ Contributors, united to create a resourceful and fun website for all parents in Pittsburgh and beyond. We love what we do, everyday.


The Pittsburgh Moms Blog Team : Fall 2016


Flashback to our 1 year birthday party : March 30, 2017

Birthday Tributes from Our Contributors

I love being a part of Pittsburgh Moms Blog! It is great to see women of all nationalities and walks of life come together for one common purpose, to share our parenting journey. We love each other, support each other and lift each other up. I love getting to write about the ups and downs of parenthood and having a good laugh along the way. We are empowering moms, dads, families, and kids! I only see us growing and making more memories together while we are hopefully inspiring other moms to do the same! Thanks PMB!


As a little kid, I remember my mom reading Good Housekeeping, legs outstretched on the bathroom counter, while I splashed in tub. One of my first dreams–well before the internet or blogs existed in our lives– was to help write the magazine that my mom seemed to love so much.  Pittsburgh Moms Blog gives me that chance. I get to write for moms while being a SAHM, and I bet a few women have read my work while giving their kids a bath. Full circle. I am forever grateful.  Happy birthday, PMB! May all of your wishes come true.


 I always wanted a tribe. You know, friends who are going through the thick of it with you. This is what PMB means to me. They are my Mom Tribe, my friends, the people I can turn to for advice, a laugh, or even a rant. We are all different, but we have one common goal. We are raising tiny human beings. It’s a hard job and we are there to support each other through the good and bad times. 

PMB is so much more than a blog. It’s a sisterhood. We all get to be creative in our unique ways. We get to challenge ourselves and produce content that is true to our hearts. Happy Birthday, PMB! It has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see what the future brings us.


 I absolutely love being part of PMB! It is such a wonderful community of women supporting each other. I love that we all have unique backgrounds and can give different perspectives on just about any topic. 

Motherhood can be a tough road, but PMB has helped me find some awesome Mamas who I now I call my friends. We share funny stories about our toddlers, laugh, and lean on each other for advice. 

Happy birthday to PMB!! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for our amazing community!


Going from a working mom to a stay at home one, PMB provides me with the opportunity to still be a part of an adult community. It feels good to have someone comment on something you wrote and expressed your opinions that is over the age of three!





 Happy Birthday Pittsburgh Moms Blog, it’s been an awesome 2 years! Cheers to these and many more. 

PMB makes me proud because this exceptional group of women write stories that touch the hearts of women throughout the Pittsburgh area and throughout the nation. The team comes from many areas of Pittsburgh, with different families, lifestyles, and traditions and those puzzle pieces come together to become PMB. As a new writer, I have had fantastic opportunities and have written about different experiences about being a mom. 
Keep on writing and keep on being amazing PMB writers, you are the soul which brings the stories of Pittsburgh Moms to life!


 Happy Birthday to Pittsburgh Moms Blog!

These past 2 years have been so fun and I cannot wait for more! Being a contributor for PMB brings me so much joy because I am blessed with being on a team of beautiful strong women that inspire me everyday! Writing has always been a passion and PMB allows me to express myself and share helpful advice to other moms as we venture on our journey in motherhood. As a mom it has shown me that we are not alone. Our tribe may be online but I think that’s even better for moms because it’s already hard for us to get out. PMB makes me hopeful that other women will grow their tribes and know they have a safe place to be themselves.

I want to give the biggest and warmest thank you to Meghan and Carri for laying down the groundwork for this amazing platform! PMB is here because of you ladies and we appreciate so much! 

To PMB, my family, teammates, and readers I love you all and thank you for being here 


 This has been so much fun, and it has been a true honor to connect with so many other moms with the same mission. I hope our pieces and articles have helped moms in the Pittsburgh area. I hope what we have written has been timely and relatable. Happy 2nd Birthday PMB! Hope there are many more celebrations to come.




 I love contributing to PMB! I’ve always wanted to write. My passions for what I write about has changed from preteens to motherhood. And PMB allows me to write about my current passions: motherhood and family! Our audience is receptive to all of our opinions and it’s a great resource for fellow moms and families, and even our own PMB family!



We can’t wait to see what the next years bring! Thank you to all who read, comment, share and support our team!