Little Pieces Of Me Are Little Pieces Of You


Dear Son, 

I see myself when I look at you. Even though everyone thinks you look like Daddy, you are a spitting image of me when I was your age.

You have my big brown eyes, long eyelashes, long fingers and dark hair.

Deeper than appearances, you show a lot of my characteristics. 

You are little pieces of me – 

  • Sensitive
  • Have a Big Heart
  • Worrier
  • Curious
  • Little (BIG) Attitude
  • Cry when your frustrated
  • Sleep like an animal
  • Not a morning person
  • Do not like fighting
  • Can play by yourself
  • Independent
  • Feisty

I could go on forever about the little pieces of me that I see rolled into little pieces of you. 

However, I cannot take all the credit. There are also little pieces of you that are little pieces of Daddy. 

You are little pieces of him – 

  • Temper
  • Sense of Humor
  • Imagination 
  • Unconditional Love 
  • Loves to Snuggle 
  • Shy 
  • Quiet 

Its like, when we created you, you grabbed at our best little pieces and even some of our worst. All of these pieces have created you into the toddler you are today and they will continue to shape you into the adult you will become. Each piece will bring you joy, heartache, and an appreciation of the world around you. It will be up to you to continue our strengths and learn from our weaknesses.

Even though you are a perfect mini version of ourselves, we want you to be the best version of yourself. 

Everyday when I look at you, I realize how perfect you really are. You were meant to be ours. 

Each day, I smile, laugh, cry, and hold on a little tighter. 

You may be a little piece of me and a little piece of daddy, but you are a big piece of our hearts. 

Love, Mommy.