Live In The Moment With Your Children


As we approach the end of the year I am sitting here and thinking how it’s my oldest daughter’s 5th Christmas and my youngest daughter’s 3rd Christmas. I ask myself “how did this happen?”. It saddens me to think another year has passed by of  them being “little”. I can’t even begin to think how many holidays are left before they are grown up. 

I remember when I was younger wanting to fast forward through time as I was anxious to take the next step in life. I was excited to graduate college, start my career, get married, and become a mom.  Ever since I became a mom I have never wanted time to go any slower. With my oldest I was excited to watch her take her first step, hear her say her first word and witness all of her other “firsts”. Once I had my second I never thought ahead of time with her and continue to live in the moment. I have learned to take in each and every moment with my girls as I know I will never be able to turn back time. Some days in parenting are tougher than your normal day, but I still try to appreciate the day I am given with them. 

With all of this being said, I am looking forward to each stage of life with my children. I just know that these years, when they are little, are the years when I will be the most involved in their lives and be lucky to witness every moment with them. I have noticed that any time a fellow mom makes conversation with me when I am out in public with my girls that I am usually advised to enjoy them now as they will grow up fast. I have always hung onto those words and continue to remind myself each and every day of parenting. A new year is approaching us and it’s never too late to “slow down” and appreciate every moment of time with your children. It’s easy to let time slip away with how busy and hectic life can be!