We Love Let’s Play Music!


If you are considering enrolling your child in music lessons, you should definitely give Let’s Play Music a try! It’s a three-year program that teaches music theory and piano lessons in such a fun and engaging way. Plus, it’s much more affordable than other music classes and/or private piano lessons.

My son, Josh, started Let’s Play Music two years ago, when he was in kindergarten. We have loved it, and I have been so happy with how much he has learned. Children can start this program at age 4, 5, or 6. After three years, they have such a strong foundation in music that will serve them well in whatever musical endeavors they pursue, whether it be private piano lessons or studying a different instrument.


During the first year of Let’s Play Music, parents attend class every other week with their child. Each child receives a set of bells, which the kids love. The classes are very age appropriate and fun. The homework is fast and easy, and teachers use a lot of positive reinforcement and incentives to motivate the kids.

During the second year of the program, the kids start group piano lessons. Parents attend once a month. At first, I was wary of a group piano class and thought my son might not progress as quickly as my older kids who took private piano lessons at his age. But I was pleasantly surprised. He was motivated to practice and because of Let’s Play Music, he has a much better understanding of the piano and music in general than my older kids did at his age. I know that when he graduates from this program next year, he will be well prepared to start private piano lessons.

The thing that has impressed me the most about Let’s Play Music is the comprehensive musical training the children receive. They learn rhythms, chord progressions, to sing on pitch, to hear harmonies, to distinguish between major and minor, intervals, and more – all of which is taught through fun songs. They use full body movement to really feel and internalize the musical elements they are learning about. I took piano lessons for ten years and in the two years of attending Let’s Play Music classes with my son, I have learned things about music theory that I never knew! This program is seriously awesome!

One of my biggest concerns about the class was that they don’t allow younger siblings to attend on the parent weeks. When Josh started the class I had a two-year-old at home. At first I didn’t like the idea of having to pay a babysitter while I was at the class with Josh. But the other parents and I were able to work out some group babysitting, so it was very affordable. And I came to love and appreciate the one-on-one time I had with Josh during class.

There are four Let’s Play Music teachers in the Pittsburgh area. Most of them teach out of their homes (this is what keeps the cost so low). They all have their clearances and clean, safe homes.

Tracie Bradshaw is located in Wexford. She is Josh’s teacher and we love her. She is friendly, energetic, and passionate about teaching kids to love music. I was impressed with how well she knew each of the kids and how she could get all of them to sing and participate. 


Michelle Belliston is located in Greenfield. She also teaches Sound Beginnings, which is a music class for kids ages 0-4 that emphasizes important preschool skills. My youngest son and I took this class from her last year and loved it. Michelle is bubbly, fun, knowledgeable, and did a great job of engaging all the little kids. 


Lillian Hoyt is located in Mt. Lebanon. She teaches Sound Beginnings as well. My four-year-old, Nathan, and I took a sample class from Lillian for Let’s Play Music. Nathan was being grumpy and not wanting to participate and Lillian was very patient and good at making him feel welcome and keeping is attention. She was also fun and engaging. 

Karri Mickelson is located in Murrysville. My nephews took Let’s Play Music from her and loved her. She has a great love of music and passes that on to her students each week. My sister was impressed with how much she cares about her students and wants to help them succeed, plus she uses really fun games to review the skills taught in class. 


Let’s Play Music provides a fantastic musical foundation for young children, and I highly recommend it!

Fall classes start in the end of August. Mention this blog post to receive $15 off your registration fee!

Is Let’s Play Music right for your child? Try a free sample class first! Contact the teacher in your area for upcoming sample class times. 

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