Mommie’s little Thorn



From the moment I blessed this world I have been a thorn in your side. Born at just over 4 lbs I required round the clock feedings which is no easy task for a baby so small ( and I know how much you love your sleep). Then, of course there was the never ending clinging and don’t forget the biting. I am pretty sure there are family members who still have scars from little baby Jessie teeth.  Yet over the years we have become the best of friends. I would choose a BBQ at home with your over almost anything else. We didn’t always get along and I didn’t always see things your way, but you knew that with time I wouldn’t always hate you. Now as your grandchildren are approaching their teenage years I know that its ok to be the bad guy, because this too is just a phase. I am so glad that I grew up with such a strong woman role model in my life and more than that I am glad that you have chose to spend the last three years with us and be that role model for the crazies. Happy Birthday Mom. We couldn’t survive without you. 

Your Favorite Thorn