Moms Are People Too: Permission To Put Yourself First Inside!


When you had your kiddo/s, did you feel like all your personal aspirations take a step back? That some of your dreams and goals needed to be forgotten because of your new lifestyle. I felt that way. I put all my efforts in pleasing my family and others. Putting my own wants at the top of my priority list felt selfish. I was a mom now, I thought putting myself first was long in the past. Becoming a mother has shown me that was far from the truth. After dealing with postpartum depression and not taking care of myself, I set on a journey that found balance between taking care of my family and I at the same time. 

I started with exercise because I knew I needed movement. If I didn’t do anything for myself I at least spent that time for me. I noticed my mood improve, I lost weight, but most importantly I was genuinely happy allowing me to give more to my family. I didn’t feel so empty anymore, my cup was filling. Then I started reaching out more to friends, making “Mommy Time”, and my favorite, joining PMB! While we all are are connected by motherhood, we are also connected because we are women first. Not only do I get to fill my cup by writing, I get to build and watch my tribe thrive. A few years later and a few certifications and fun experiences later I’ve learned it’s not only okay to take care of ourselves, it’s important. So what do that mean for you?

Starting right now, you have permission to let go any limiting belief that you can’t do things that you enjoy. You have permission to go after those goals or dreams that light you up. There is nothing wrong with being a great mother and doing what you love to do. You’ll be surprised at how much you’re able to give after filling your own cup because after all, we’re people too. Yes we have our little ones now but our lives did not end when motherhood entered. We didn’t lose our past self, we leveled up into an even better version of ourselves. 

I encourage you do shake the dust off of your goal list, make time for the hobby you love, and start putting you first! Everything will fall into place, and in such an awesome way. If your lost on where to start because it’s been so long since you did something for yourself here a few suggestions:

  • Pamper yourself to a new style or a blow out at your favorite salon
  • Have a Mommy’s Night Out or plan something fun with a friend, painting with a twist is one of my favorites
  • Take a yoga class, you’ll find movement and stillness wrapped in one, it’s a great start to finding yourself again
  • Meditate
  • Think about what you used to love to do and get started again

With so many ways to fill your cup, I believe you can and will feel the wonderful benefits of putting you first. What’s one thing you love doing? Share in the comments below or post this article with what you love doing as a status. You never know who you may inspire to take action.