Motherhood Marathon


Back when I was a perfect parent, you know before I actually had kids, I enjoyed running. I even took the 8am Phys Ed class in college because it was therapeutic. No finagling joggers, encouraging children to try and keep up, or having to stop 5 times to get more snacks and water for everyone.

Fast forward 9 years. I run more now than I did back then. Now, when I use the term “run”, I don’t actually mean lacing up my Under Armour sneakers and sprinting all across Beaver County. Although, that would probably be more beneficial for my health.  

My “running” looks a little like this:

  • I run my oldest to school by 7:40am.
  • I run my middle two to school by 9am.
  • I run forms, flyers, sponsorship opportunities to various businesses to sponsor events at my kid’s school.
  • I run to pick up orders for the 5th fundraiser I’ve ordered from in the last month (Because I have to buy from them all, right?)
  • I run back and forth delivering orders for my business with Thirty-One.
  • I run meals to new mom or families from our church, or MOPS.
  • I run to the grocery store; sometimes 3 times a week because most times I forget my list.
  • I run my daughter to gymnastics, because she’s the only girl and needs something for her.
  • I run my oldest to baseball – soon to be 3x a week, because I want him to be the best he can be.
  • I run donations to Magee-Womens & Children’s Hospital because I want to give back during various “seasons”
  • I run to MOPS to fuel my soul, and help with various thing there.
  • I run out of gas. It used to be constantly-but I’ve gotten much better about paying attention to my gas tank. Hubby will vouch for this.
  • I run my vacuum constantly. Sometimes 2x a day, because with 4 kids and 2 dogs OH MY YO my floors get nasty.
  • I run to school (again) because some days we forget things. I mean honestly, could you live without your Batman Build-a-Bear on movie day?
  • I run the dishwasher and washing machine nonstop! I mean, 6 people what would you expect?
  • I run to Church on Sunday morning. Can I just say it’s more difficult getting my husband and kids out the door by 9:15 once a week than it is to get 4 kids out the door by 740 by myself? I’m still looking for the explanation for that.
  • I run the older two to Kids Club on Sunday nights, because they LOVE it and it’s another opportunity for them to hear the Gospel. 
  • I run to pick up sick kids from school earlier than expected. Last week it was 3 kids in a 24 hour span.
  • I run to doctors appointments, all to get there and see someone sound asleep in the back seat.
  • I run from my husband. Yes, I said it. Yes it’s true. Sometimes this is what happens as a mom of four kids. There are days where by 8:45pm I am just “touched out”
  • This past week, I was running three kids to the trash can or a pot every 15 minutes so puke didn’t end up on the couch or floor. Can I just say this takes serious skills? I mean, you don’t know how fast you can move until multiple kids are projectile vomiting at the same time. #noshameinmymomgame

I share all of this because many times people ask me “What do you do all day?” And sometimes I look around and have no idea what I did because nothing looks any different. See, this “mom gig” is way harder than I ever imagined. I thought that I knew what I was doing, but let me tell you, every day there is something new that I am navigating through. Every day there is something else that has to get done. It doesn’t matter whether you work full time outside the house, work from home, stay home- this job is hard! Many times, what we do goes unnoticed; until it doesn’t get done for 3 days. 

What you didn’t cross off your list today, DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. I’m really preaching to myself when I say this. #truth

So no matter what kind of “running” you do, do the best that you can and stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to do more. I am one person. YOU are one person.

Side note: You Mommas who physically run every day; I have the utmost respect for you.