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I first started writing for Pittsburgh Moms Blog back in 2016. I was a first time mom trying to navigate motherhood of an almost two-year old when I saw the contributor call. I thought it would be so cool to be a part of something bigger than myself. So, I applied and I never thought I would actually be selected. 

My first post was about my sons Plagiocephaly – Flat Head Syndrome. Read about it here:

It was therapeutic to write about a situation as a first time mom with hopes that someone, somewhere would read it and offer advice on how to handle our helmet situation.

My first Pittsburgh Moms Blog picture

Fast forward four years later and I never thought Pittsburgh Moms Blog would ever have such a big impact on me. I have written about many topics that have reached thousands of people, some who have reached out just to say they feel what I was going through. My most recent post is about Flying With Food Allergies. Read about it here:

Flying With Food Allergies

My posts have evolved over these four years and will continue to evolve as life goes on. I am very excited about this next chapter of writing for such an inspirational group of women.

Pittsburgh Moms Blog is a sisterhood. It’s a group of moms sharing stories about their love, heartaches, struggles, worries, milestones, expectations, commitments, and everything else that comes with marriage, motherhood, and overall life. 

Pittsburgh Moms Blog is evolving along with City Mom Collective and all of our sister sites because we are more than just a blog. We are a community of parents, grandparents, and caregivers sharing happy, sad, honest, and sometimes raw emotions of our journey through life. 

It’s not just about parenthood. We write about marriage, health, mental health, events, miscarriages, diagnoses, death, divorce, finances, and balance. 

We are impacting women, men, grandparents, and caregivers everyday. 

I feel a sense of pride when I connect with my readers because even though it may seem like you are the only one going through something, you are not. 

I appreciate readers feedback and it helps me become a better writer. 

My goal for Pittsburgh Mom Collective is to become more relatable to our readers. I want to know what they like to read about, what they want to advocate for, and what changes they want to make. 

I want to share my experiences and truly connect with our readers. I always write honest pieces on how motherhood, full-time work, anxiety, food allergies, and daily balance affect my family’s life. 

I am excited to continue my journey with Pittsburgh Mom Collective. This group is special. These moms are all in different stages of parenting and they all wear their hearts on their sleeves to provide exceptional content for our readers. 

I love these women who I can call my sisters because we are in this life together through the happiness, tears, struggles, and beautiful gift we call motherhood. 

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Amanda is a new Washington County resident. She and her husband just bought their first home together in the North Strabane area. They are parents to a handsome little man named Lorenzo who will be 6 in August. His smile and energy lights up a room. He just may be the next Pittsburgh Penguin star! She graduated from Point Park University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Even though her full-time job does not relate to her degree, she is still able to get her creativity out by contributing to Pittsburgh Moms Blog. It has always been her dream to share her own experiences with the world. Amanda is a working mom who is always struggling to balance life. Marriage, motherhood, friendship, and work all very important to her. Trying to maintain a work-life balance is key to her happiness. She hopes to one day inspire women to believe in themselves, stand up for one another, and never take life too seriously.