I Am Not A Pinterest Type Of Mom, I Prime The Hell Out Of Everything.


I love Pinterest, I really do. I use it to scroll through pins when mentally checking out of the real world  and pin my  little heart away. Do I ever actually use these pins in real life? Hell no. You see, I have never been the crafty type of mom that can whip up a unicorn birthday themed party with glitter and a pair of scissors. Instead,  I go on Amazon or any of my favorite websites and order away. I am sure in some instances I might be paying more than actually making something on my own or going to the store, but the time I save not doing these things is worth my sanity. I would rather spend my time drinking a glass of wine and catching up on Scandal.

Does my daughter need her hair products restocked? Click and done.


Does my little one need a birthday outfit for her party? Click and done. No one has to know I did not make this myself.

I consider myself to be a hot mess of a mom at times. I am usually last to sign up for volunteer school activities (If I must) and I forget snack days at preschool like it’s nobody’s business. I also forget when picture day is at school and my kid does not look all dolled up- instead they look like they spent the day mud wrestling with an alligator. At least I think it makes for a funny memory and will give us a good laugh when we look back at these pictures one day. I am the mom that has a full calendar between working full time, enjoying my kids, and having a social life. I consider it a successful day when dinner is made and I get to cuddle my babies while playing and rolling around on the floor.

I don’t feel like I have to attend every single activity, party, PTO meeting, camp, mom group-sesh, or LuLaRoe get-togethers in order to feel like a good mom. I like to simplify life as much as I can. Being a mom is already tough, I don’t need social media or another mom group to tell me that I need to ad more to my full plate. My kids also don’t need to have 7 extra curricular activities a week, they are just kids! I am OK with letting my kids hang out, play outside, or be bored and have to use their imagination. This is why I take social media with a grain of salt. I am sure all those pictures  of perfect looking lemonades in mason jars with little umbrellas and personalized labels do not show the late nights, and mess it took to make it. By the time it took to make that, my package would have been sitting on my front porch waiting to make my life easier.

Not to knock Pinterest obsessed mommies, I actually give you so many props! It is hard to do all that and still keep the kids alive, so I totally commend you! You have skills, are crafty and patient, and have talent! I will cheer you on from the sidelines while checking out your Etsy shop. I will call you for help when I have to order something that is personalized or handmade. I will then pay you in cash, gift cards and wine, it’s how I roll. See, we balance each other out. 

That is the great thing about motherhood, we all have our own way of doing things. We figure out what works for us and we own it. We also build great friendships because of all our similarities and differences. We can all learn from each other! Whether you Pinterest or Prime, you really are a great mom! 




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Anny Bezilla
Anny is a mommy to two beautiful girls. Sofia is 7 and Olivia is 3 years old. Anny was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to New Jersey with her family when she was 5. She is bilingual and is fluent in Spanish. She has been a Jersey girl most of her life until six years ago when she moved with her husband to Pittsburgh, where he’s originally from. Anny has a career in Recruiting/Human Resources and is currently working as a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist. Anny strives to find a good work life balance while having two little ones. Anny loves living in Pittsburgh and exploring the city’s Latin culture. She also loves to write and blogging has always been something she has wanted to do! For good laughs, follow Anny’s funny FB page at hotmessmomanny and on Instagram at hotmessmom where she provides comic relief to us moms that are just trying to get through life.