Ode To The Single Mom


Single mothers don’t just rock… they rock AND they roll!

Single mothers bear a special load. They play dual rolls, they learn to be magicians, acrobats, jugglers, lion tamers and tight rope walkers all within this 3-ring circus we call life!

Single mothers have a special place in my heart as I was a single mother once and my mom is also a single mother. Different circumstances may lead someone to the single mother status, most are not planned. The drive and determination and love for the child or children is what keeps them going. Knowing or the feeling that this little person is depending you.

Single moms struggle with many of the same things married moms struggle with they just do it alone. Someone May wonder will it ever get easier? Yes and no! As with parenthood in general, it goes in stages, some things become easier and others more difficult but that is just life in general. Many moms did not choose to be a single mom, it is a life that has chosen them for one reason or another and though it’s rough sometimes and sadness, doubt and frustration tries to creep in, single mom’s, keep doing the BEST you can and the greatest reward will be the wonderful child you raised all by yourself. You can look at their life and see a reflection of yours.

Here’s to you single mom, I know you’re tired but you’ve got to be strong… don’t give up now! Keep holding on.

I know sometimes you feel like you’re stuck… but don’t give up Your child loves you too much.

For the price you pay today you’ll see results tomorrow… so these sacrifices now are somewhat borrowed.

You may not get all the credit you’re due… but to your child you are a super hero and they believe in you!

So keep working hard and doing your best… once your child grows up great, then you know you’ve passed the test!

“Your greatest accomplishment may not be what you do but who you raise.” – unknown

Stay strong single moms. I salute you, Much Love!


  1. Tauja
    Congratulations on your new venture. Continue to use your life’s experiences to help give others hope.

    Much love back to you !

  2. i bow down to any single mom out there. being a non singe mom is hard enough. i can’t imaging. power to you all!!

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