Pittsburgh Moms Blog One Year Anniversary

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They say a lot happens in just one year. Looking back on this past year brings such joy for all that Pittsburgh Moms Blog has accomplished. Our team has grown to over 40 amazing moms of the Pittsburgh area who have poured their hearts into researching and writing over 400 posts for our website. Some of the articles have been informative, some humorous, some emotional, but they have all been written with our audience in mind.

Our most popular posts are our Pittsburgh-based articles and guides. It’s clear our audience loves finding out what’s going on around town. We’ve kept these posts out of our Top Ten, but we will share a few of them at the bottom.

We thank our sponsors for supporting Pittsburgh Moms Blog as well as all of our readers. We are looking forward to another amazing year!

#1 The Rise of the Lawnmower Parent 

It happened again this week. Several times, in fact.

I’m a professor at a well-known local university, and my office is located directly across from the elevators. Because I maintain a literal “open-door” policy for my students, visitors often mistake me for the department secretary, as I am the first person they see when the elevator doors open. At this time of year, the same scenario happens repeatedly:

#2 How and Why Down Syndrome Can Go Undetected in Pregnancy 

Today the most unexpected surprise of my life will turn 3 years old!  We have come so far since that incredibly dark August afternoon when we learned that our newborn son had Down syndrome. The most important lesson we learned along the way is that sometimes the most unexpected things turn out to be the very best!

#3 I Wish I Weren’t a Stepmom

I wish I weren’t a stepmom.

The weight that fell off my shoulders upon expressing those words is truly indescribable.

It’s taboo to say them out loud, of course,–words only shared in the darkest of moments with close friends who love and accept you no matter what or with someone carrying the same weight.  Instead, that thought and feeling remains inside strangling your insides like a cobra that has slithered and wrapped itself around you leaving you unable to breathe.

#4 Sometimes I Hate Being a Mom…

It’s the third weekend in a row I have to take care of my kids by myself… my husband traveled for work and for a “guys trip” the last two, and this weekend he has the flu.  My kids are running around screaming at each other and when I finally intervene, one of them throws their toy at my face and the other screams “I want daddy!!”

#5 My Least Favorite Question

Many years ago, I was working in my backyard when I struck up a conversation with a then-neighbor.

This woman had several children who, at the time, were teenagers or nearly teenagers. I didn’t know her that well, other than to say hello. The family rarely came out of the house, so we didn’t have many opportunities to chat. The few times we did manage to talk, however, she always wanted to talk about my uterus: Mainly, why it hadn’t managed to produce any children yet.

#6 5 Things To Do Inside During the Winter in Pittsburgh with Little Kids

Winters in Pittsburgh can be long. And with little kids, they can seem really really long. Luckily, there are a lot of fun inside things to do in Pittsburgh when it’s freezing outside. Here are 5 of our favorite things to do.

#7 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without Having a Party

Birthday parties are a great way to celebrate you child’s birthday.  However, it is not the only option.  Here are 10 ways to make your child’s birthday fun and memorable other than having a birthday party:

#8 Why Every 40ish Mom Needs A Millennial Mom Friend

We all have our mothering tribes. Our group of friends that support, listen, and love us, without the need for our kids to line up in ages exactly. I’m lucky enough to have a group of friends that exchange inappropriate group text messages, solid advice, and easy laughs.

There’s one friend that every mother needs to have, especially, sigh, as we get older – The Millennial Mom. She’s fun, outgoing, and usually successful juggling career and young kids.

#9 Breaking the Cycle: When to Stop Bailing your Kids out of Trouble

It happened again last week. My five-year-old forgot her “rest time item” for her pre-kindergarten class that day. She realized that she had forgotten a beloved stuffed animal that she had her heart set on bringing to school that day as she was jumping out of my car in the front circle. I saw her face drop. I saw the tears start to flow as she slumped into school, in stark contrast to her normal cheerful goodbye and enthusiastic run into school without looking behind her.

#10 Why I’m Teaching My Toddler Consent

My child isn’t even three yet and we’re already having “The Talk”.  Yes, that talk.

You may wonder if he’s too young to have such mature conversation, but I think it has to begin early if he is to truly learn.

We aren’t talking utility or contraception because the kid just realized he has a penis and I have a vagina.  Something we talk about in one way or another every day?  Consent.

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