PMB Loves Pittsburghese Wall Art!


Who doesn’t love some free wall art to add to your home? I wanted to change things up a little this month and make some fun wall art for all the Pittsburgh Moms out there. Pittsburgh Moms Blog has 3 fun wall art prints you can print at home for free that feature some of the best Pittsburghese around. 

  1. Does anyone have family members that use the word “worsh”? This would make the perfect addition to anyone’s worsh room!


2. We have all heard it… “We’re heading dahntahn for the game” and now we can share the yinzer language in our kitchen. Everyone come dahn for supper, we’re having chip chopped ham!


3. I remember writing my chores down when I was little and I wrote “red up my room” and my mom broke the news that this was not the correct term (she’s not a yinzer or she might have let it slide). But here in Yinzer Nation we can “redd up” or “clean up” and someone is sure to understand what you are asking. 

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