Potty Training – My Worst Nightmare

Reading in the Bathroom
Reading in the Bathroom

As a mom, I think we all have at least one thing that we think is going to land us in the mental hospital! I can tell you for me it is potty training! If you stumbled upon this blog on a google quest for potty training advice, go back immediately!!! This is not the place for you because potty training my oldest son will just give you nightmares!!

First off let me say I love social media and I think the village of moms you meet on Facebook, is a wonderful thing UNTIL you feel like your kid is the only outcast!

To begin this story I need to start at the beginning, Brody  was never one who cared about a wet or dirty diaper as a kid, he was much too concerned with playing! Well at the age of 3, he still hadn’t shown any signs of wanting to potty train but we had signed him up for preschool in the fall and he had to be potty trained. As a naive first time mom, I thought well this should be easy, he’ll be trained in a week! Spoiler alert-He was NOT!

Armed  with all the knowledge I had gained from reading the famous three day potty train method and baby center I was ready to start! I gathered the plastic potty, put up a sticker chart, bought potty books and told Brody what a big boy he was going to be when he used the potty! Well long story short, I tried everything I had read and it all failed!

In desperation, I reached out to my mommy friends on Facebook who all told me their own advice! A warning to other moms, if your friend reaches out to you at their potty training breaking point, they do not want to hear: a.) my kid was trained at 2 or b.) boys just take longer than girls!! Instead bring them a bottle of wine and cookies, because as a mom that’s what we really want tat that time!

I remember several times during the potty training journey that I would just sit and cry to my husband about what a failure of a mom I was! Even thinking back on it  brings up so many feeling because I truly thought I was the worst mom!

The best advice I got during the time was from someone who told me, “It doesn’t matter how long it takes and eventually he will get it. I promise you wont be sending him to kindergarten in diapers” Well he did eventually get it and I can proudly say no he wont be going to kindergarten in diapers! The moral of the story is that three day potty training was not for us because every child is different! Yes it did take us almost 6 months for him to be fully potty trained but guess what that is och!!!!

Using the Astronaut Potty
Using the Astronaut Potty

With all of this being said, I have recently started potty training my youngest! I promised myself and my husband that this time would be different and stress free, but we shall see! Hopefully the sequel to this story will be much better!!!