April Fools’ Day is when people come up with the ultimate practical joke. Most of these are innocent and in good fun, but some are really bad and should never be thought of. 

On this day, I normally see people’s best “we’re pregnant” posts. Then their news feeds start to flood with congratulations messages, best wishes, and prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy.




After they generate much attention, they post, APRIL FOOLS. 

I was always the one to like or comment because having a baby is exciting news. I am often the fool on this day believing all of the pregnancy posts! 

But when those words came out I could not help but feel disappointed and sad. My heart broke a little thinking of all the people in world who would have loved to share such exciting news. 

Then, I just brushed it off. 

That was until one commenter posted a big SHAME ON YOU

Infertility and loss affects men and woman. 

According to the CDC, the infertility rate for married woman in America is 6%. That is 1.5 million American woman who are struggling to conceive. 



Even though statistics are often stacked against them, these woman remain strong. They are brave while trying every other option their bodies can handle just to be pregnant. 

Have you ever sat down and listened to a family member or friends infertility issues? Ever felt their pain because it was so intense?

Or have you ever witnessed a miscarriage? Have you ever had to deal with the loss of their baby before it is born? 


I have. 

These are woman who have thought of being pregnant their whole lives. They would do anything to conceive a child. These woman deserve to be mothers. 

Do not forget the dad’s in this situation. Sometimes the infertility issue falls on their end. These men would make exceptional fathers. I bet they have dreamt about playing ball with a son or to have a daddy’s little girl. 

You may not know it, but someone in your six degrees of separation is struggling with infertility or loss. 

Here I stand and write this post as an advocate to woman and men who are struggling with infertility issues. 

To you the joke may seem harmless, but we are not laughing.