Purchasing a stroller is equivalent to selecting a baby name


With two kids, a dog, a house to take care of, school work to complete, and a husband who works, it’s a rare occasion that I find time to myself.  When my husband is home on the weekends, I make a quick escape to our local Target to drink coffee that does not need to be reheated four times.  Typically, I am found perusing the end aisles hoping to find a score on a clearance item I do not need or browsing the newest baby clothes.  

Amy Haegg

Regardless of the day or time, it never fails that someone stops me as I’m twirling through the baby department childless, coffee in hand, to ask me my opinion on some type of baby item.  Usually the person is older and wants to chat and tell me all about the newest bundle of joy that is soon arriving.  When this first started happening, I was none other than happy to help someone that needed some advice on an upcoming arrival of a baby or baby shower, but I started to notice a pattern.  After they share their spiel, they turn to me for advice.  I give them my two-cents (for what it’s even worth) and find the woman smiling and nodding.  After our conversation is over, they still select the item they were going to go with in the first place! 

Usually in my advice to the buyers, I start by asking if the mom-to-be has a preexisting registry.  Out of the handful of times I have been stopped, one hundred percent of the moms did indeed create one.  I urged the buyer to choose something they liked and felt comfortable with purchasing from the registry. I have first-hand witnessed strollers, car seats and bouncers being purchased that were not what the soon-to-be mom wished for! 

Jessica Weber

Women, moms-to-be, or even veteran moms put a lot of thought into what items they want for their baby.  I know I can’t speak for all moms, but myself and the ladies in my mom friend group all have planned what type of stroller, car seat, bouncer, you know, the big-ticket items we want for our newest little ones.  Purchasing a stroller is equivalent to selecting a baby name.  You don’t just look at the stroller aisle and select one.  Much time and effort goes into the decision-making process. 

While the women that have stopped me on my outings have had none other than the best interest of the mom-to-be, I just wish they would have listened to me!  If the mom has a registry, I repeat, PLEASE FOLLOW IT!  The stroller that is listed on that registry is one that the mom really wants and is the best fit for her and her growing family!  There are more options for strollers out there than socks for my toddler!  (I wish I was exaggerating!) 

Jayme Crowell

If you take anything from this piece, please know as a mom of two, everything that is purchased for my children is appreciated.  I truly believe in “It’s the thought that counts.”  I teach my children to say thank you when they are given something, and understand that people that love them spend time and money when they buy them anything.  My plea is that if there is a registry, try to follow it.  Give the momma what she really wants, even if you can get four sleepers in lieu of the one that was registered for because they are a fourth of the cost.  Chances are, they are probably going to be returned for the one that was wished for initially!  


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Ashli is a Fayette County native but made the leap to Allegheny County in 2013. She married a man named Jarred that she met randomly at a Toby Keith concert at KeyBank Pavilion. Seven years later, they have shared four blissful years of marriage and have welcomed three children into their homes; their oldest- a black rescue lab named Fiona, a sweet toddler boy named Collins, and a precious baby girl named Carmie. Ashli and her clan live in the South Hills, but more importantly five short minutes to Target where she enjoys quiet weekend strolls through the aisles. Extra bonus points are added when she stumbles upon something she doesn’t need, but has to purchase because it has the red clearance sticker on it. Ashli is currently working on obtaining her Master’s degree in STEM Education. Ashli is passionate about working with children, and is a fifth-grade teacher presently on maternity leave. Last January, Kristine Sorensen from KDKA interviewed Ashli because she was nominated as a top Peer Mentor for the students in her district. While away from the classroom this year to take care of her own sweet babies, she receives weekly FaceTime calls from former students that need a pep talk. Ashli’s goal in life is to change the lives of students that have ventured onto that wrong path in life, and do everything she can to get them back on the right one.