Your Quick Guide to Defeat the Winter Blues this Year!


We’re getting an extra hour today! It’s Daylight Saving Time and we get to turn the clocks back for 1 hour. This means winter is on it’s way bringing colder temperatures with it.  We’ll all be in the house a lot more and the lack of sun can cause seasonal depression for some.  If you get a little down on the gray days here are a few tips to make winter fun! 

Remain Social with Friends and Family

It is no fun driving in the snow but if weather permits, take that trip to visit a family member or friend.  Keep those playdates you had before but find an indoor kid friendly place where the kiddos can have fun while you catch up.  Mom and kids both have fun. This is a great way to keep the excitement because you have something to look forward too.  Be sure to make time for moms night out and enjoy time with the girls.  


Pamper Yourself

Let’s face it, we’re going to be in the house so why not take the time to do something for you.  Whether it’s painting your nails or doing a mask treatment, pampering yourself is a great mood elevator.  Everyone has different things that makes them happy.  Find what makes you happy and like the tip above, schedule it in so you have something that breaks up the winter monotony.  The kids might even want to join in and you now have your own spa. Enjoy!


Make Healthy Choices

This tip may not sound fun as the other two, but the benefits definitely outweigh them.  One major bonus of Daylight Saving Time is, more sleep! It’s darker longer and for those that can catch the extra zzz’s should take full advantage.  Of course, getting more sleep is easier said than done.  Pay attention to what works for you.  Don’t be afraid to cut things out that cause to much stress, and if it can’t be removed, find ways to improve it so it is less stressful.  Having a healthy diet will nix those winter blues away.  Drinking more water and getting the nutrients you need will help your body, which makes you feel better.  Vitamins are a great supplement to fill in where diet can’t.  We lose a lot of our exposure to vitamin D because we don’t get as much sun as we did.  


Exercise is my favorite way to lift my mood, no matter the season.  Exercising in the winter may seem impossible but it’s a lot easier than you think.  While it is hard to get the motivation to get started, once you do, the feel good hormones get released and you’re a happier person.  If you think you have no space, think again.  Simple body weight movements don’t require a lot of room and can give you an efficient workout without the gym.  A few reps of pushups, squats, lunges, and crunches a day can take those blues away.  Create a consistent workout plan to guard yourself from falling into the winter blues this year.  Strive for 3-4 days a week or what you can do. When all else fails… RUN! Go for a short (or long) run and get fresh air!


With shorter days and longer nights approaching, it’s only natural for our bodies to be thrown off by the change.  You can help counteract these negative feelings by following a few of the tips above. If you feel like you’ve tried making changes and it’s not helping consider talking to your doctor about how you feel and see if they can help.  What do you like to do for those stuck in the house days? Please comment below and share this post to help someone who gets a little down in the winter time.