Seasons of Life


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I was driving and couldn’t help but notice Pittsburgh’s beautiful Fall colors that surrounded me. Just a few months ago the same trees were mostly green for Summer and here they were radiating deep shades of orange and red. Sooner than later those same trees will be completely bare for Winter and then blooming with bright Spring colors. It reminded me of how our own lives are in constant transition, always changing, always moving forward, never permanent. Here’s a glimpse of the seasons of life I’ve experienced ever since my family and I took a leap of faith (2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us to walk by faith, not by sight) and moved from sunny and hot Miami, FL to a colder (and I say; therefore, a cozier) Pittsburgh, PA.

Transitioning here was seamless. We were extremely grateful to God with how everything had fallen into place. That season of life was almost perfection and we were excited about how much we would be exploring. Very shortly after moving though I became pregnant (surprise!) with our 3rd child. You see, we already had a four and eight-year-old, so we were out of diapers, done with meltdowns, and sleeping through the night. We were about to enjoy a brand-new season of parenting all while in a brand-new city! Nevertheless, it took a pause while I navigated through all that a pregnancy entails but without any family in a new city.  

It wasn’t always easy, but together we pushed through, enjoyed the 9 months, and created new memories as a growing family.

Fast forward and my son is now 1. As I look back (he just turned 1 on 10/6) it’s all a bit of a blur! The days were long, but months were short, moments were sweet but sometimes frustrating, I was exhausted but also full of energy, I was sentimental but also going through the motions at times, and I was in control yet fiercely dependent on Jesus.

It wasn’t always easy, but together we pushed through, enjoyed the first year, and created new memories as a family of 5.

And there I was driving, taking in Pittsburgh’s beautiful scenery, and I reflected on everything I just shared. I took a deep breath and felt relief that with my family and alongside our faith in Jesus we had surpassed a move to another state and the first year as a family of 5. How comforting to know that Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us that to everything there is a season. Let us take in and appreciate each of our life seasons because like the leaves of the trees change often during the year so do our lives; always changing, always moving forward, and never permanent.