Serendipitous Charcuterie


Serendipitous Charcuterie sounds more like a tongue twister than a blog title, but December was a very special month full of happenstance for me. And it all started because I posted  the only picture I took from our Christmas party – the charcuterie board. 

First, let me explain about what charcuterie  is for those of you not familiar with the word. Charcuterie, pronounced shar-ku-te-re, is by modern definition described as any kind of cured meat, but typically associated with specialty meats. Charcuterie Boards are meats paired with accompaniments such as toast or crackers, fruits, cheeses, and spreads.  I have made these boards at home and for get togethers for quite some time, but I never really posted anything about them. To me they were just a fun appetizer that got people to gather around the board and spark conversation. So the day of our party I posted a picture of the large charcuterie board that I prepared for our guests. Something must have been in the air that day because for the first time, people at the party started asking me if I would come set up one of these at their next party or get together. Sure! I thought, why not? I like to do these anyway and I truly like the art of it all. The aesthetics of the colors and textures really appeal to me, so I can arrange these in little time with ease. 

Fast forward to a few days later and I received a message asking me what I charge to create these charcuterie boards and would I be willing to deliver one to an event. So I dove in and did some research and found out that I could make these reasonably priced, by comparison of other stores offering something similar, and still provide a unique service as my boards have more of an artisanal feel because of the hand crafted arrangement. So I went to work putting a plan together. I went to the event and set up a customized large board and thought that my 15 minutes of local fame were up. I took a few pictures and thought I would post my handiwork and maybe at some point someone else might call on my services again. 

A few days later my phone started ringing for orders for Christmas and through the end of December. I was shocked! By word of mouth already I was getting becoming known as the “meat and cheese board” lady. Not a glamorous title, but still noteworthy. And so it began.

I started taking phone orders from people who knew someone, who knew someone that raved about the first board. I decided then to start compiling photos and start a Facebook page ( dedicated to this service so that I could reach more people. Once the Facebook page was up order after order came in and before you know it, I was booked though Christmas for pickups and deliveries. I had custom orders, multiple orders from single customers, gift deliveries and more. It was unbelievable! So I rolled up my sleeves, washed my hands, and got to work! And although I knew that this might only be a seasonal gig, I had several people recommend me to friends and family and said that they planned to call on me again in the future. 

All of this happened because of one snapshot of something that I do as a hobby- hosting. It allowed me a great opportunity to provide convenience and a conversation starter for the folks who placed orders with me. It gave me the pleasure of using food as therapy to create an art with the ingredients as I made unique arrangements.

While I still make these in our home regularly, I hope that these boards start to make their way into new homes and places. Food brings people together and in my world food is a love language. It makes me thankful to be able to pass that on to others.

It is funny how life works. When you aren’t looking opportunity shows up and gives you a chance at something different. I couldn’t have guessed that one photo would change the course of my month, but it did. Not everyone’s talents, skills, or abilities look the same. And if there is something you love, are great at, or even do for fun – whatever that thing is – do it often. It’s OK to show the world what your hobbies and passions are – you never know when there might be someone who takes notice of it and gives you a platform to elevate those gifts. 

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Deanna is a life long Beaver County resident. She is a first time, stay-at-home mom. She and her husband are teaming up to raise an entertaining and energetic little boy, Roman, who is turning one this summer. We share our hearts and home with a rescue Labrador Retriever, Geno, who completes our family dynamic. Deanna has spent a handful of years as a Pre-Kindergarten daycare teacher, and studied Early Childhood Education during that time. Part of her work as a daycare teacher was to plan events in and out of the classroom setting. She found a calling in this and went on to become a certified Event Planner who enjoys hosting various themed and somewhat elaborate parties for close friends and family. Before motherhood, Deanna had become a voice in the PCOS community, sharing tips and information on the subject to provide hope and support to other women like her who have experienced or currently experience infertility. Spreading awareness on the subject is something she is passionate about after being diagnosed in 2016, the same year she was able to conceive thanks to her faith, healthy lifestyle changes, and medical intervention. After becoming a Mom, she has gone on to create and Administer the Facebook page, "Beaver County MOB (Moms of Boys)" exclusively designed for activities in the tri-county area for boys ages newborn- Middle School. She also began a recipe blog for busy moms who just want to get dinner on the table at Also in early 2017, she became a page editor for a small business Facebook page, Beanster Goods. In her limited spare time she volunteers for a card ministry through her Church, enjoys binging on Netflix or Hulu series, reading during middle of the night breastfeeding sessions, is a Pinterest enthusiast, likes trying new restaurants with her husband, traveling to new places, finding age appropriate activities in the community for her son, practices Hygge, trys to stay active outdoors, while occasionally hosting get togethers for her neighbors.