Seven Ways to Recharge from the Role of Mommy


It is no secret that raising children is a lot of work; and it is easy to get lost in the rabbit hole that is motherhood. It can seem like the days are filled with nothing but child related activities: playdates, preschool, snack preparation, diaper changes, potty training, cleaning playrooms, laundry… the list is endless.    

Image Credit: Amanda Jury Photography

It is no secret that motherhood can be exhausting, and often times can fill like that’s all that defines us. No one asks about our hobbies (what hobbies?), we put off taking care of ourselves, and our lives are constantly filled with decisions about how to run a household and raise little monsters angels.

So when you feel yourself slipping away from yourself, and feeling like you have nothing left here are seven things that you can do to recharge:

  1. Wake up before your kids. I know this one is really tough, and if you can’t do it every day aim for just once a week. Then spend this time either taking a shower (with the door closed!), drinking a hot cup of coffee, reading, watching the news, or even getting in a quick workout. Starting your day alone will make you feel refreshed and give you a chance to clear your mind.
  2. Call (or text) a friend. Connecting with others is so important, especially if you are home all day talking with children. Reach out and see how a friend is doing (especially your “mommy friends”) sure it may take you a few days to get through a conversation, but you’ll be reminded of how you are not alone. It’s also okay to not talk about your children, or reach out to your friends who don’t have children. It also helps me fill my soul just to check in on others.
  3. Get out of the house, preferably without your children. Even if it’s just a late night run to the grocery store. Get in the car by yourself, turn the radio up, and enjoy a car ride with no crying, no asking for snack, and no little ears (aka it’s okay to bust out the 90s rap mix you’ve been saving).
  4. Give yourself the grace to do nothing at least once a week. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit on the couch, and commit to watching a show (or two) and worry about the house tomorrow.
  5. Read – whether it’s a book, magazine, or blog (I heard PMB is a great one…) – just read! You’ll have something to look forward to that is just for you. I know personally I like reading at night before I go to bed, I’ve found that it helps clear my mind and gives me something to look forward to (especially when I’m in the middle of a good book).
  6. Splurge on yourself. I know as mothers we are constantly making sure our kiddos have clothes to wear, new shows, a new winter coat, and whatever else they need – and we often leave ourselves out. Even if it’s just a new comfy sweatshirt to wear around the house, it’s okay to get yourself something once in a while. Haven’t had your hair done in months? – schedule that hair appointment, line up the babysitting, and get out to do something for you!
  7. Date your spouse. Even if it has to be a date night in, take some time to recharge and with your significant other. It is so important to remember that you were a married couple before you were parents.


What do you do to recharge from motherhood?