Should We Have Another Kid?


I think this is a question many couples ask themselves at some point. For my first few kids, the answer to this question was easy. I knew I wanted a big family, so the question of having another child was a no-brainer. But now I have five kids. My youngest just turned four, and I thought I was done. My fifth child has been difficult, and for years I shuddered at the thought of having another crying baby.

But now time has passed, and when it comes down to it, part of me still wants another baby. Most people think I’m crazy. I hear comments like, “Don’t you already have enough kids?” or “You’re insane.” Am I insane for wanting another child? Maybe. But maybe not.

Sure, five kids is a lot of kids. But is adding one more really that big of a difference? Deciding how many children to have is a very personal choice between spouses. I think people often feel pressured from others either to have more children or to be done having children. But really, it’s you and your spouse’s decision, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

But from a mother of five who is considering one more, here are some factors I feel it’s most important to consider:

• Can you and your spouse mentally and emotionally handle it?

• What does your spouse want?

• Can your body handle it physically?

• Financial concerns – can you afford it?

• How will it change your family dynamics?

• What will it mean for work/child care?

• What will it mean for your other children?

After thinking about all those factors and trying to decide logically if it’s right for you and your family to have another child, sometimes it just comes down to a leap of faith. There’s no way to know what the future holds and what kind of challenges or joys a new baby will bring. In the end, what I think it really comes down to is – in your heart, do you want another baby or not?

As for me, I’ll keep you posted.