Sit Down and Eat, Mom – You Deserve It


When was the last time you sat and actually enjoyed your meal?

Without scrolling.

Without multitasking.

With a lot of us working from home, our habits and routines greatly shifted from working in the office. A place where I would actually sit and enjoy my food, is now replaced with working at home. I was thrilled to be working from home (one of the best things that happened in 2020). I found a new sense of squeezing things in my day that I couldn’t before.

You mean the dishes can get done BEFORE work is over? Say no mo!

I was elated. Then recently, I realized as I hangrily sat back down to work after my “lunch” break, I didn’t eat at all. I have been neglecting my cues for hunger then mindlessly snacking then stuffing myself later. How did I get so far gone that sitting down for lunch wasn’t important to me anymore?

The simple answer is, I stopped putting my needs first for the sake of getting things done. Can we please stop doing that to ourselves from here and now? Yes we are mothers and yes things need done, but how will you do them if you are not well? Yes you will get them done but you will be irritable, stressed and hangry. You won’t be able to enjoy some of the things you love when you operate from a place like that. 

It’s even more important because your body will soon realize that you don’t feel it’s important to nurture yourself, so it will begin to give you signs that you don’t feel worthy or love yourself because of the neglect it’s receiving.

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So I write this as a reminder if not an awakening to remember that you are worthy to have your needs met before you do everything else. You can do that by adding mini mindful practices in your day that look like:

  1. Sitting down and enjoying your food without feeling pressured or stressed
  2. Taking intentional deep breaths every few hours or at least once an hour -ps short breathing creates stress
  3. Starting a short journal practice writing out how you feel
  4. Writing down 3 things you are grateful for that happened that day.

I know life gets busy and non stop, especially that we’re all at home together.

The next time you make a meal remember this cute little sentence

Sit down and eat, Mom. You deserve it.