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Aunt Jessie

Everyone has heard that having a baby changes your life. But what about having a niece or nephew? When my nephew was born I had already had all three of my children. And I was under the understanding that I could never love another’s child like I do my own. But then I learned something pretty amazing. Being an auntie is all the love, hope and laughter of being a parent with NON of the responsibility…a grandma only cooler.  Like his mother did for my kids I plan on teaching him the most impractical things that will take him no where in life. I am talking how to stick out your tongue, blow raspberries, etc. What I have learned about being an aunt is this… He lives 400 miles away, we don’t get to spend a ton of time together probably less than most aunts, so we are always sure to live in the moment when we have the chance. I also learned that video chatting can go a long way with a long distance relationship. It has been fun watching our children get to know each other via chatting and now that my nephew is turning two he has a lot more to say, and asks for specific family members (usually my son Alex) when he feels like calling. Being an aunt is so much more than I could have ever imagined. Are you an Auntie? How has your niece or nephew changed your life?