Surviving The Life Of A Busy Mom


I never thought I would say this, but I have less time now than I did as a working mom. When I worked, I only had to worry about one child, as my oldest daughter was the only one around. Once my second was born, I decided to stay at home. Going into the transition I thought I would have so much more time. I was excited that I would be able to clean more, organize everything in my house, play with the girls non-stop and also have time for myself. Sooner than later I found out that it turns out that I have less time than I did when I worked full time.

The reason why this happened was because I couldn’t settle for just staying at home. I signed up to be on the board for a local club and I opened an online shop. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every minute of what I do. However, there are days that I wish I would have settled for just staying at home. My girls are growing fast and I am having a hard time accepting it. I don’t want to miss out on any moments with them as I know I won’t get this time back. 

It’s difficult to manage time when there are several events going on especially when some events are not under your control such as anything related to school. In order to effectively manage my time, I use a planner which helps dedicate each day of the week to a certain task. I have come to terms with not being able to do everything that I want in a given day and also sometimes in a week’s time. I want to be able to enjoy each and every day with my girls as I need them as much as they need me. It is important to me that I do any chores or work during their nap or rest times that way I can give them my undivided attention. I have also learned that I need to avoid over committing myself. I realized that I am only one person and that it’s okay to lower my expectations that I have for myself. It is so easy to put more pressure on yourself than necessary because of what you think you should be doing according to what you see on social media. Being a mom is the most important and challenging job anyone can have. If you are similar to me, try to go easier on yourself and enjoy the time you have staying at home.