The Hot Mess Mom’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Parties


The day of love and friendship is right around the corner!  You can just smell all things pink and red, taste all the chocolate and visualize throwing out all the little plastic things your kid will come home with from their school parties. As the hot mess mom that I am, I am usually scrambling last minute to pick up those boxed Valentine’s Day card boxes at Target or Walmart. Because, you know, life. 

I usually don’t have the time to come up with elaborate crafts to present at the class party so that I can earn the badge of best mom ever. Although with a quick Pinterest search, you can find super easy crafts to do. Just don’t ask me how, I call throwing some cards in my child’s book bag to distribute to their friends a victory. I do have a good friend, however, who makes these adorable melted crayons for Valentine’s Day. I love that they are actually something the kids can use to color with, and not something I toss to avoid adding to my clutter. If you want to get crafty and do something simple like this, follow the Pinterest link for details!

Valentine’s Day parties have changed since I was little. Nowadays, it seems like parents are trying to compete on who has the biggest and best cards/treats for the class. I have seen some Valentine’s Day card boxes the size of my house! You know the parents are the ones that are doing these boxes, right? There is no way your three year old built the empire state building out of a cardboard box. A simple shoe box with your child’s personal touch on it, or wrapping paper is plenty if you need to bring one to class. Believe me, the children are just excited to give and receive cards. There is no need take away from the lesson of valuing friendship.. And by keeping it simple, it will be easier to not create a situation where other children in the class feel left out. This should be a fun day for your little one to express to their friends that they are appreciated! A simple card can do that, really! Plus, all the parents will thank you for not having to throw out 16 plastic bags full of trinkets that we don’t want to step on.

There is another important thing to  remember when sending in edible treats for your class party, there is a possibility that there are children with food allergies in your child’s classroom. Feel free to ask the child’s teacher in advance for any allergies you should be aware of and if in doubt, just don’t send food.

All in all, enjoy the fun day that is Valentine’s Day. It is a fun holiday especially when we see it through the eyes of our kids!

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