As a first time mom, I never realized how easy it would be. I never thought I would do it, because I know every situation is different.

But I did it: I compared.

I compared what other mom’s had, how put together they were, and how their kids acted. I looked at my life and nitpicked. I tried to figure out where I went wrong, and where I could improve.

How did some of these Mom Bloggers have time to do their hair and makeup every single day? And wear heels while chasing their toddlers?!

Here I am wearing wrinkled clothes, sporting baggy eyes, and my natural skin.

I remind myself (sometimes daily), that a picture is a snapshot, a flash of time. A well-put-together mom can still have chaos surrounding her.

Who am I to compare? So to my fellow mom bloggers, I’m sorry for comparing. We are all doing our best to raise our babies, and if anything, I salute you for being able to do so while wearing heels.

I’m just the mom that happens to fall out her front door while wearing sandals, right into a puddle of puke (true story).

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people” -Unknown