The Tale Between Two Pregnancies


Six years ago I was pregnant with baby number one. I was every pregnant woman’s dream. I had no morning sickness. I wasn’t nauseous. I didn’t start to feel uncomfortable until after 30+ weeks. I felt great. My pregnancy was easy compared to what some of my
friends were going through.

I don’t know if it was first time mom excitement, but being pregnant with baby number one was a breeze.

Here I am six years later and oh my God why is this so hard?

This pregnancy is so vastly different from my first that for the first three months I thought we were having a girl. Spoiler alert: It’s a second boy!

Since day one of finding out I was pregnant, I have felt awful. A new symptom comes every few weeks and other symptoms often repeat themselves. First it was feeling nauseous, then came the excruciating headaches, and then I had to give up coffee! With my first pregnancy I still stuck to my one cup a day. This little one made me give it up within the first 8 weeks.

I’m twenty-two weeks in and I’m still waiting to feel some sort of normal. But, I’m growing a human so that’ll probably be well after delivery.

20 weeks pregnant

I still get nauseous. The first trimester exhaustion has doubled instead of disappearing. The headaches are estrogen headaches and not caffeine withdrawal. I haven’t gained much weight, but I feel so uncomfortable morning, day, and night.

My hips move out of place where I yell in pain. My abdomen is being stretched so I feel cramps and soreness regularly. I can cry at any given moment because this is all so overwhelming.

Many of these differences are physical, but some are also normal pregnancy related symptoms.

I feel like I had more cravings with the first. This one I’m definitely having more food aversions. But, not to chocolate chip cookies. I mean who refuses chocolate chip cookies?

The heartburn came super early and my chocolate chip cookie addiction mentioned above does not help.

I keep a water bottle near my bed because I am so thirsty no matter how much water I’ve drank throughout the day. Then of course I have numerous bathroom breaks throughout the night.

The dark circles under my eyes do not lie as I may go to bed early, but I’m still not getting much sleep.

My friend recently asked me if I thought my pregnancies would be similar. Um, yes! I did not expect the huge difference between the two.

Maybe I feel so different because I’m six years older or because I have a five-year-old to look after. Being quarantined and working from home while watching my son isn’t helping much.

So if you see me I’ll be impatiently waiting for September to arrive so I can finally have that well deserved glass of wine!