Things I can’t run without…


Running is therapy.

Since the day I started putting one foot in front of the other as a form of exercise, a little piece of me began to heal. It quickly became so much more.

Running can also, possibly be as runners will sometimes tell you… a really cheap form of exercise and therapy except for when it’s not, except for when you “become” a runner. Then you need runner Mama things. My kids are all well beyond the stroller stage so my running needs won’t include the list of best jogging strollers, but, oh – once upon a time how I agonized over the right one.

Today… my Top 5 “I can’t run without my ___”:

1. Activity tracker/GPS/smart watch –

Started with a Fitbit flex then upgraded to the Fitbit charge; and last year I was surprised with an Apple Watch, which has become by far my favorite of all the activity trackers, and I definitely can’t run without it !

2. The perfect shoe –

I have a fairly neutral gait when running, and, surprisingly, I really find difficulty finding the right shoe with the perfect toe box for unnaturally large feet on my 5’5″ frame. Saucony brand has long been my go-to (and no they are not sponsoring this post but I would be more then happy for them to offer to sponsor on the future?)! My advice – find the shoe you love, buy 2 pairs and rotate them. When I first started running higher mileage, shin splints and I became friends until I started to rotate my shoes and replacing them at recommended mileage. You change your cars tires to keep your family safe, take of your back, hips, knees, ankles and feet by making sure your shoes still have life left to carry you through.   

3. Running belt or Arm pouch

Running belts are all the rage, but I’m old school and honestly like one of my kids when it comes to things around my waist…. oh, wait – now I know where they get that from… hmm… So, I still live the arm band pouch thing, and it must be one that can hold my giant phone, a key and maybe a snack or three for this long runs.

4. Music – is it even a run without tunes ? And seriously I want to find my Sony Walkman from 1996 and make my kids run with that thing and the foam covered hard set headphones.

And finally …

5. A Running Buddy –

We teach our kids “not to go it alone”, especially in the high school & college years. There is safety in numbers, real safety and therapeutic safety. A good night out with friends over dinner and drinks is always amazing, but I’ve found that as the kids get older and we think we will have more time, it can get harder to carve out 2-3 hours for dinner and drinks. However, an hour run with your besties before work, school or weekend sports? Keeping those friendships that you created early in motherhood can be a reality when you sweat together.