Throw Birthday Parties Like A Boss And Stay Stress Free!


Throwing parties can be really fun and quite stressful. It’s unfortunately easy to miss precious moments being a super hostess running around taking care of everything. As a mom and professional event planner I know how it feels to be under the crunch of throwing a fun, memorable birthday party. This feeling fuels my passion behind my party planning business because it makes me feel really good to help other moms throw awesome parties for their kids and also enjoy it with them. It also helped me come up with this post to help you throw parties like a boss and avoid the stress with this simple advice. 

Start with the basics and keep all ideas in one place. Start with the simple questions, who, what, when, and why. The who and why will be known of course. Getting clear on when, where, and the time is a great place to start. Choose the number of guests and how long the party will be. The type of food, drinks and other refreshment options.

Choose a theme. Per choice of the birthday boy or girl. Pinterest is an awesome place to make a board for inspirations. It’s convenient to have it all in one place to reference when shopping or making things. If you like custom unique parties, you’ll love the next tip! Party City is a great place to find cute themes too.

Etsy is your best friend! I love custom parties and I have used Etsy to find things like decorations and invitations to help it all tie together. If you have the money but are tight on time, it’s nice to know it’s taken care of. I also like them for tutus and printed shirts for the special day. Be sure to order with enough time prior to the party so you know it will arrive on time.

Be aware of timeline and what needs done. Are you going to do all DIY or can you find what you’re looking for in store? My daughter’s second birthday was all DIY. It was beautiful, but I was so stressed because I did everything, causing me to miss out on some moments I’d like to enjoy . I made the food, decorations, and her custom shirt. In hindsight I would have started a lot sooner but, we live and we learn. I have since decided I will do somethings DIY but I will outsource tasks that others can help with. For example, having it catered, buying ready made decorations, and or asking for help when needed. Doing everything alone is admirable, but not easy. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and/or delegate tasks to other businesses. You can even outsource the entire party to an event planner so you have to do nothing at all but enjoy yourself. Being aware of what needs done also cuts down on the last minute stress because you’re already on top of it. Call companies at least two weeks in advance to see if they are available. 

Be open to change of plans. Take it from an ex-perfectionist. Being perfect is overrated. Things happen, and when they are out of our control it’s best to let them go and focus on what you can change. Finding the positive in any situation will help keep stress away and help you enjoy the party despite of small hiccups.

Now you’re ready to throw a party like a boss and kick stress in the butt! If you follow these guidelines your next party will go by super smooth and you will feel awesome you threw an amazing birthday party for your little one without stressing yourself out. On a scale of 1-10 , tell us how much do you love planning birthday parties for your kids? Comment below and let us know your number! Share this for anyone who has a birthday party to plan for soon!

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