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Cold & Flu season…ready or not here it comes!

I can remember the 2:00 am nights where, in a panic, I sent my husband out the door with a long list of cold remedies in hopes that he would return with the magic ingredient to make everything better. We shake our head thinking back on the panic dials to the on-call doctors while rushing family over to watch our other children so we could make the infamous trip to the ER! Whew… nine years later I can’t say that I have mastered the healthcare aspect of parenting, but I can share a couple tips and tricks learned to be most beneficial in battling the cold and flu season:

  • Cool Mist Humidifiers – One for each room please. Weather our children are sick or not we have developed a routine where once flu and cold season comes around, the humidifiers go on. Keeping the air from being so dry has helped tremendously not only for breathing purposes but for night time nose bleeds that used to be very common in our household.
  • Sleeping at a slight elevation – with post nasal drip, almost instantly our children lay down and begin coughing and having trouble breathing. Nighttime coughing can be reduced by elevating the child at the head/chest area. Different elevation techniques can be used depending upon the age of the child. Check with your doctor for recommendations on how to elevate.
  • Baby Safe Breathing Rubs – applying a dab of these products on the chest seems to really open the airways and allow for more sleep at night. I have also found relief in night time coughing when I apply these breathing rubs to the bottoms of our sick patients’ feet and then put a pair of socks on overtop the rub.
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  • Homeopathic medicine – No more late night runs to the store…our shelves are now stocked with natural homeopathic medicine. More and more research is being done in finding ways to have our bodies heal itself. We have fallen in love with Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold ‘n Cough Day and Night Combo. Not only is this one of the few medicines that actually tastes good to our children (which means no more battles to get them to take it) but it also targets all components to the start of a cold – coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose,  and nasal & chest congestion. Hyland’s statement is what first grabbed our attention to their product:
Hyland’s® has produced homeopathic medicines using the highest quality natural ingredients and in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. Headquartered and manufactured in the Los Angeles area, Hyland’s® homeopathic medicines provide a safe and effective solution to health care issues that affect the entire family, from infants to seniors. We have always been driven by the simple scientific proof of how the body can call upon its own natural defenses to heal and restore balance. This is the basis of homeopathic medicine. Today, as countless conventional medicines developed by others prove to produce complicated or even harmful side effects, the need for natural homeopathic medicines that work without side effects is increasing. Hyland’s stands as a leader in innovations that answer to the changing health needs of our modern world. Hyland’s is committed to helping your kids get back to feeling like themselves.

Over the years we have learned many things raising children and stocking up on all these remedies is a given. That’s why we are so excited that Exclusively at Costco, Hyland’s is bringing us 4 Kids Cold ‘n Cough Day and Night Combo Pack with Natural Grape Flavor.

Disclaimer: Consult Medical Professional before use. Always read and follow label directions. *The uses for Hyland products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.  

Available nationwide only at Costco now through February 2017.

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