Top 10 things that I miss most about non-pregnant life


Let’s be honest being pregnant does come with some perks, including an adorable bundle of joy at the end, but there are for sure some things I miss about the non-pregnant life.

1. Wine, wine, wine, and more wine. It’s not that I have to have it, but who doesn’t love a good glass of wine? Unwinding with a glass of wine, cooking with a glass of wine, hanging out with friends with a few bottles of wine, it is for sure the number one thing I miss most while pregnant. Visiting local wineries is also one of my favorite things to do, but obviously I don’t want to do that if I can’t enjoy the wine.

2. Beer. Depending on the day it can be just as good as wine, especially with the warmer weather, Pirate games, and cookouts that have started. My first was born in the beginning of June; however, this little one will have me waiting until August to crack open a cold one.

3. Sushi. Now I know some people will eat sushi while pregnant and that is totally a personal decision, but I have given up the raw fish while the baby is on board – and let’s face it there is no substitute for a spicy tuna roll.

4. Control of emotions. Let’s face it being pregnant throws your hormones all out of whack. One minute you are perfectly happy and the next you are crying because the toddler looked at you the wrong way. Now I know this one won’t get fixed quickly post baby, but there will come a day where I won’t feel completely insane (at least I hope!).

5. Being able to deal/cope with a sassy toddler – let’s face it toddlers are difficult, and there are days where neither one of us is controlling our emotions very well. Usually wine would be my “go to,” but alas we know that’s not happening…. At least there’s still ice cream.

6. Holding in pee. Okay obviously this is the elephant in the room, but I am going to go ahead and mention it… whether it’s having to pee 20 times an hour, or peeing while coughing/sneezing. I’ve about had enough with this low lying child messing with my bladder.

7. Finding clothes that fit. Obviously real pants (jeans) are the first to go, but even shirts that “fit” don’t really fit. Maybe it’s the image we have of how our clothes fit pre-pregnancy, but there are some days even a t-shirt doesn’t feel right….cue pregnancy tears/no control of emotions.

8. Words – it is amazing this list I’m typing even makes sense (at least I hope it does). My husband refers to this as “placenta brain” – but honestly, I say wrong words, mix up facts, and just generally sound ridiculous when I speak.

9. Knowing my space. Anyone else feel like they run into everything while pregnant? My stomach ends up wet every time I do the dishes, I bump into people as I pass them, and I truly just have no clue what my proximity is to objects and people around me.

10. Is it bad if I mention wine again?….

What do you miss most about the non-pregnant life? What do you love most about being pregnant?

Disclaimer: I’m sure many of you are wondering why coffee isn’t on this list, and it is because I did not give it up while pregnant. I tried the no coffee route with my first and within a week my husband was practically begging me to drink a cup, so while I do cut back, I am happy to say that coffee is still currently in my life, and thank goodness for that!

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Nicole is a mom to two children each with big personalities - Reagan is currently 4 and Tyler is 2, they are exactly 26 months apart to the day, and ever since Tyler was born life has been non-stop! She's a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom who works full time as a virtual Social Studies teacher for middle and high school students. Although she was originally from the North Hills, 10 days before Reagan was born her and her husband relocated to the South Hills. (However, within the year they will be heading back North of the city to be closer to family). Nicole would rather spend time outdoors, preferably in the fall with a good book and a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), but realistically she is generally multi-tasking between work and the kids. She does love cooking and can often be seen having dance parties in the kitchen (usually with Reagan) while making dinner.