Traveling Alone


It’s almost time for our annual trip. This year we are going to the Bahamas for Valentines day… But this is no romantic vacation. In fact, our trips are always sans daddy. Actually, my husband rarely leaves Western PA.  Traveling is simply not relaxing to him, he prefers holding down the fort, working on the house and feeding the animals, while the kids and I love to travel, meet new people and explore new lands. This works for my family because it keeps everyone happy. People often ask me when do we have family time if he never joins us but that is simple after work and on the weekends. We share in both chores and hobbies. We do not need a special trip to make time for each other. I can see why this arrangement wouldn’t work for some. When the children were small it was significantly harder to travel with out him. But after nearly 10 years of practice and a little growth we have now got it down pat. Sometimes to keep every one happy and life running smoothly you have to think outside of the box, traveling alone is one of the many ways we make it work.