What Type Of Mom Friend Are You?

Let’s face it, we need an army to get through motherhood. Some days are challenging and others are rewarding. While we are navigating through terrible twos or teenage years, who is always next to you giving advice or laughing at the ridiculous things your children say? It’s our Mom Friends!
The Sister Mom: I am lucky to have a sister who was a mom three times over before me. She was the first one I told I was expecting four years ago. She listened to how nervous I was about becoming a new mom. We discussed delivery and what to do before having a c-section. Trust me, I had no idea you better shave yourself before letting the nurses do it for you. I am also lucky enough to have a sister-in-law who was also a mom before me. She taught me how to breastfeed my son. She was patient, showed me how to get him to latch, and even though it was a little embarrassing it was a moment I am so thankful for. My sister moms are always there when I need them.When I need to cry or laugh or scream, they are by my side.
Sister Mom


The Neighbor Mom: We are so fortunate to live on a street full of really awesome moms. Each mom on our street looks out for all the kids running and playing especially keeping a watchful eye on the littler ones. We have one neighbor whose children are all grown up and out of the house. Any time my son is sick or has a not so normal bowel movement I text her. Yes, I texted my neighbor a picture of my sons number two so she could talk me out of rushing him to the nearest emergency room. Her daughter is a pediatrician so I get bonus mom/doctor advice! Another neighbor of mine has a little boy who is a little older than my son so we immediately bonded. She constantly is checking in on us to make sure we are doing okay. I know if I ever need anything mom to mom or friend to friend she will always be there for me no questions asked. These moms are the ones I can drink with and laugh about how crazy kids are. They are the ones who make no judgements and are walking through motherhood at all stages. Hang on to these mom friends because they all come from different sides of what motherhood looks like. 
Neighbor Moms


Neighbor Mom


The School Mom: I am a full-time work outside of the home mom. This leaves no time for bonding with other parents during school drop off or pick up. I do my best to volunteer at school functions just so I can feel included with my sons school day. One mom in particular is my go-to-school mom. If I have any questions about what went on at school I text her. If my son picked up that fourth nasty school bug going around I tell her. She’s the mom who makes me feel connected when I can’t always be there. Our boys are “best friends” and I am sad to say they will be separated next school year. But, she will still be around for advice when I need to know how kindergarten life is!
The Work Mom: Being a working mom stinks sometimes. We are trying to provide for our families while trying to raise our children like we don’t have to work. We are constantly struggling to find that perfect balance between work and home and sometimes we come up short. I had the opportunity to do something nice for a new mom at work during our Pittsburgh Moms Blog Random Acts Of Kindness campaign. She appreciated the thoughtfulness and needed a reminder that we are doing the best we can as mothers. I don’t like having to get up to go to work every day. We are missing out on our children growing up. BUT, the life we provide for our boys is worth it. We are providers and we are mothers. It makes us appreciate the time we do have with our sons just a little more. I hope one day our sons will appreciate the sacrifices we make to keep them happy and healthy.
RAOK for my Work Mom friend
The Friends Who Aren’t Moms: There is nothing like your friends who aren’t moms. These ladies are the ones we can share our parenting adventures with and laugh about it endlessly. These are the ones who we tell our horror stories to like how my son screamed on vacation because he was so constipated and our hotel neighbors probably thought we were beating him. We also tell them about the projectile vomiting and the sleepless nights. We tell them how exhausting parenting is and in the same sentence tell them how we wouldn’t change motherhood for anything else in the world. They listen while we vent and laugh so hard at our challenges that they cry. No one said motherhood was easy, but it sure is entertaining!
I have no idea where I would be without my Mom friends, so this blog is for them. Thank you for always being there, drinking wine, and laughing through these phases of motherhood right next to me.
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Amanda is a new Washington County resident. She and her husband just bought their first home together in the North Strabane area. They are parents to a handsome little man named Lorenzo who will be 6 in August. His smile and energy lights up a room. He just may be the next Pittsburgh Penguin star! She graduated from Point Park University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Even though her full-time job does not relate to her degree, she is still able to get her creativity out by contributing to Pittsburgh Moms Blog. It has always been her dream to share her own experiences with the world. Amanda is a working mom who is always struggling to balance life. Marriage, motherhood, friendship, and work all very important to her. Trying to maintain a work-life balance is key to her happiness. She hopes to one day inspire women to believe in themselves, stand up for one another, and never take life too seriously.