Work Life Balance…? Is it really attainable?


Work life balance, is it really a thing?

Nearly 19 years of Motherhood, my friends can tell you I’ve tried all the things.  Stay at home mom, part- time work, part-time work with the ability to bring kids with me, full- time work requiring day care, night shift work, and just in the last six months, full time work from home.

What has been the best? The worst? What should I have stuck with, or never tried?  Many of these changes and options worked depending on where we were in life, with my husband focused on building a career (a choice we made together to focus on his growth for awhile, thinking that we would quickly have 2.5 kids and my turn would come later.)  It quickly became clear to me that there were certain non-negotiables that would enable me to be the best mom I could be, for me. These are different for every family unit and to get the most out of both career

And family I highly recommend you decide on these few things in order to perform at the highest level as both Mom and as #bossmom.

  1. What are you willing to give up ?
  2. What is the division of labor between you and your partner?
  3. How do you want to start your day?
  4. How many activities will you allow your children to be involved in and the ever important second part to this question….  is it important to you to be at every game/recital/concert/meeting?
  5. How involved do you want to be in your child’s school ?

And a bonus: How important is it for you to be able to recharge your batteries?

The answer to these questions did not come easily to me in the early years of motherhood. I was bound and determined to show no weakness.

I have evolved. Thank God! I have learned to wave the white flag. I have learned that I need to recharge my batteries weekly. The answer to these questions have also changed over the years and also change depending on the needs of my kids.

My current work – life? I work from home, and I seriously love it!  Challenges? Of course! Life is messy so even the dream job with the perfect schedule can have its stressors. Like when the Amazon or FedEx driver goes down the street and I’m talking to a client on the phone and my dog goes insane. My kids are on the older side, 1st, 6th and freshman college out of state, so it is a bit simpler. The best part so far of working at home? When they walk in the door and say, “Hi Mom!”, I can smile and know I’m here… Glamorous? Maybe not, but since the oldest is on her own off at college,  I know this season of parenting is short and I’ll enjoy all the little moments.  

Even the moments when working from home and my kids ask me to come fix the toilet…..